Why Jeff Bishop is Buying Now for Future Profits!

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Podcast, WealthWise

Every time I interview Jeff Bishop it’s like listening to the very pulse of the markets! His insights and his sixth sense (Jeff describes it as a “feeling”) of the markets and the economy in general is lucid and clear.

I caught up with Jeff after we saw the S&P make about a 20% move off the bottom; a move Jeff commented, “Shouldn’t happen that violently, that fast!

Jeff shared;

  • Whether the recent recovery is a sign that the bear market is over
  • His current Death Line levels for the markets
  • Why he’s starting to get into longer term investments right now
  • How Jeff trades, and how he invests
  • Scaling into positions using dollar cost averaging to get a good average price of solid investments
  • Jeff’s thoughts on four big companies he believes will turn back around nicely in the next few years
  • Why Jeff believes that this is the most exciting time for making longer term investments
  • How to stomach volatility
  • …and a lot more

Jeff also shared his thoughts about the one thing that everyone’s trying to predict… The Bottom! Are we nearly there? Can Jeff guess the bottom? Listen to what he has to say about that!

And finally Jeff opened up about where he is putting his own family’s money to target big longer term or “generational wealth”.

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