Why I Didn’t Lose a Dime on Monday March 9!

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Podcast, WealthWise

Taylor Conway’s one savvy trader! Last year he made $1.6 million in trading profits. And this past Monday, the fateful March 9, he didn’t lose a penny!

And he did that by doing exactly one thing in his trading which – incidentally – is the #1 most important thing for every trader to do!

And after the bombshell trading day on Monday March 9, Taylor’s feeling pretty happy precisely because he took this approach to trading.

And so, $1.6 million profits in 2019, and ZERO losses in the week when markets in the US and around the world plummeted as investors everywhere ran for the exits amid continuing fears and panic around the world about the coronavirus, OPEC, North Korea… you name it. It all came together as a perfect storm!

Plus in this episode, Taylor and I shared more about;

  • How to be patient as a trader
  • How to wait for longer term opportunities as a trader or an investors
  • What this week reminded Taylor of
  • …and why Taylor is not sweating these markets!


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