Wait It Out; Trade This Easy Chart Pattern!

by | May 7, 2020 | RagingBull Podcast

I love how Jeff Williams trades—so much so that I even have friends in his service!

Jeff and I caught up this week and he shared how he got started while he was still a full-time elementary school teacher.

Jeff always was a good teacher, and has a great knack of being able to break down a concept and give people the ideas, tools, and techniques to make the most of the knowledge he shares.

Learn as Jeff shares;

  • How he taught himself to trade a little bit each and every day
  • The #1 quality to trade these markets; patience!
  • Why Jeff waits to take trades right out of gate for better entry points and better trades
  • How to use sideways consolidation to hit better trades
  • How Jeff traded TLSS; a nice overnight double!
  • The $500 Small Account Challenge; Jeff turned $500 into $11,000 in 3 months!

Since 2017 Jeff’s run seven or eight Small Account Challenges and has another one planned within the next couple of weeks… with a small twist designed to avoid a major problem affecting many small accounts!

Discover the  one simple chart pattern that helps him to catch the next wave in trading.

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