The Secret To Wealth Management with James Hughes

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Podcast, Raging Bull podcast, WealthWise

James Hughes

Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in 3 generations, so the proverb goes. But where did it all go? And in just three generations?!

James “Jay” Hughes explores how – and why – that happens, and why it seems inevitable. But he reveals the ways to prevent that and not only preserve, but to grow and enjoy wealth across multiple generations.

This episode really is a journey with an experienced guide and sage of wealth and wisdom! With Jay as our guide we walk the path of wisdom and wealth as we explore the five balance sheets of wealth. And as we transcend the classical boundaries of wealth we explore the many ways in which to build, connect, and preserve wealth and wisdom.

What is wealth for, and what do we do with it when it comes… even before it comes? Discover the true purpose of wealth and explore its rewards. This episode will question your beliefs and assumptions about wealth and as we peel back and deconstruct our layers of understanding about wealth, we arrive at a place that asks us to not only accumulate wealth but to do something with it.

“Accumulation of wealth only, I can assure you today, will not lead you to avoid the proverb. It simply won’t.”

Join us as we learn how to avoid the proverb and not only build and enjoy wealth but preserve it forever as James gives away the ancient secrets of perpetual wealth.

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