The Cutting Edge of COVID-19 Vaccine Development

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The Cutting Edge of COVID-19 Vaccine Development

by | May 21, 2020 | Podcast, WealthWise

A cure for COVID-19 could be just around the corner, and our guests on WealthWise today are actively working toward finding such a cure.

In an informative and fascinating discussion, Raging Bull CEO Jeff Bishop and our Elite chatroom host Hitha Herzog spoke with Dr. Henry Ji and Dr. Mark R. Brunswick from Sorrento Therapeutics (NASDAQ: SRNE). Dr. Ji is Chairman, President and CEO of Sorrento Therapeutics, and he spoke about the cutting edge of developments at Sorrento to find a cure for COVID-19.

But not through vaccination, at least as you might already understand that term.

We dive into some deep and fascinating science here but stick with me here; my own major was not in science, it was in history! And throughout this compelling interview Dr. Ji explains some of the unique facets of Sorrento’s approach to finding a cure for COVID-19 in such a lucid and engaging way that while I found myself absorbed and filled with many questions, I was all too soon at the end of this gripping interview.

Sorrento is a biopharmaceutical company, and who previously developed antibody-centric technologies to pioneer a treatment to turn malignant cancers into not only manageable, but possibly curable diseases. Cancers are genetically diverse, highly adaptive, constantly mutating and virtually invisible to the immune system, making them very difficult for the body to heal on its own (the cancer cells can look even more like ordinary cells than normal cells themselves do!) And so the possibility that the same technology could be applied to COVID-19 opens up an exciting area of research possibilities, one that Sorrento is pioneering.

Learn more about Sorrento’s work including the science, timeline, funding and potential implications for the world if this approach makes it through the testing phase.

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