Success Trading Small Accounts: Jeff Williams

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Podcast, WealthWise

Jeff Williams knows how to grow a small account. His Small Account Challenge – which he’s successfully completed a few times – shows traders how he trades and grows a small account. Jeff starts with a few hundred dollars and builds that into a few thousand dollars… and beyond.

Over the last few weeks he’s turned $500 into about $8,000. And he’s about to do it again with another Small Account Challenge in a couple of weeks.

In this episode, Jeff and I shared;

  • How to get trading results in crazy markets
  • Why these crappy markets provide the best opportunity to start trading, or improve your trading results
  • How to start trading with zero risk using “paper trading”
  • Why trading inexpensive “penny” stocks are less impacted by recent market moves
  • How Jeff masters small trading accounts, and why they’re perfect for these market conditions!

Join me and Jeff!

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