So What is Money, Anyway with Shannon Graham

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Podcast, Raging Bull podcast, WealthWise

WealthWise | So What is Money, Anyway with Shannon Graham

Shannon Graham

What is money? Not the paper stuff in your billfold, but the dreams, ideas, aspirations, and meaning that you, personally, ascribe to it and what it can bring you.

We believe that money can bring you many of the things you want, things that will make you feel happy; ergot, lack of money means less happiness, less power, less control, and more desire.

On WealthWise we dive deeper into the question of what is true wealth, in all its forms. Money alone doesn’t bring happiness, but does a lack of money mean that complete fulfilment is unattainable?

Shannon Graham is a personal and executive coach who has mentored and coached thousands of people from all walks of life for over 15 years. In this episode of WealthWise he shares the simple meaning of having true wealth, and how to create “a pretty awesome life for yourself” if you can master this one simple thing.

A deep, self aware thinker, in this episode of WealthWise Shannon puts his attention and observations on the thought patterns and behaviors that drive people to lead the lives they lead, and shares the single thing that fuels that drive.

Shannon grew up in a small town in Vermont and has personally experienced everything from homelessness and depression in New York City, to pulling himself up to success and wealth by practicing what he now shares with his clients as he helps them to reshape their lives to lead fulfilling and wealthy lives, inside and out.

Shannon is the author of three books, including his most recent book, “Expand: Leadership that moves, fulfills and changes the world.”

Join us as Shannon shares his wisdom about how to be fulfilled, make better choices, and change the way that you think about money… and maybe how money thinks about you!