Safe Landings While the Markets Freefall

by | Mar 12, 2020 | RagingBull Podcast

Very few traders or investors didn’t lose any money in the markets these past few weeks. And yet, our previous guest on WealthWise Taylor Conway shared how he managed to not lose a dime even on one of the worst ever days in the markets on Monday, March 9—a rare feat!

Not losing money is the golden rule of investing, but it’s perhaps an even rarer trader in the current markets who not only doesn’t lose any money, but actually has a reliable way to make money!

I caught up with trader Dave Lukas who shared how his trading strategy locked in around a 90% success rate over the past 10 years. Even in these markets he’’s still able to target trades that manage risk and rake in profits.

It’s a strategy that takes Dave just 10-15 minutes every Sunday to set up, and from that point it pretty much runs on autopilot. Dave’s trades are relatively conservative, and typically develop over months, rather than days, and without wild swings.

Dave devised this strategy because he wanted a reliable system that would work “most of the time… even if I was wrong” and because he didn’t have the time or inclination to sit glued to a trading screen all day.

In this episode, Dave and I shared more about;

  • Why the most common type of options trades are less certain that betting at a blackjack table
  • How to “get on the other side of the trade”
  • Why Dave’s enjoying these extra-volatile markets and how they’ve brought him even more, reliable profits
  • Why savvy traders sell options and how to get in on the action, vastly improving your odds of trading success
  • Managing risk in these uncertain markets

Join me and Dave as we explore how to make safe profits when the markets are crashing.


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