PowellingThrough a PerfectSh*t Storm!

by | May 20, 2020 | Podcast, WealthWise

Last week I caught up with Raging Bull trader Dave Lukas who in a few minutes was able to articulate the big picture of why it’s really debt (not money) which makes the world go around.

In our Elite chat room last week, host Hitha Herzog caught up with Raging Bull trader Dave Lukas, who dived deeper and shared his thoughts on:

  • How come 25.5 million people are unemployed in the course of a month, but that was already priced into the market!
  • How can the federal government conjures a trillion dollars out of thin air without raising taxes? Dave explains this process in great detail.
  • Why interest rates are relatively low, which is helping keep the credit crunch in check.
  • Why Dave highly recommends watching this video

Hear more from Dave… it’s a fascinating insight into what on earth is going on out there! Wrap up… it’s stormy!

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