Paying Your Wealth Forward with Anthony ONeal

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Podcast, WealthWise

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Anthony ONeal

Very few people succeed alone; most successful people have a few close, trusted friends or mentors whom they credit as having contributed to their success, and to their wealth.

And successful people invariably have friends and mentors who are in turn successful and lead wealthy lives themselves, and who share their wisdom with a few other people in their network to help build their success.

How do you gather the right people around you in your life to help to build and foster a successful, wealthy life? Further, how do you contribute and give back in your own life and “pay forward” the gift of wealth, wisdom, and success?

National bestselling author and Dave Ramsey personality, Anthony ONeal, built a completely debt free life and now shares the skills and wisdom of how he did that. His new book, Debt Free Degree is now available and teaches students how they can graduate from college without debt.

His teachings and writings show anyone how to pursue their passions while making savvy decisions with their money, their relationships, and their education, all without going into debt… in any of these areas!

In the book, Debt Free Degree, Anthony addresses the important questions every student and every parent faces about education; how do you map out whether or not to pursue a degree, and what degree to pursue if so? And if you don’t pursue a degree, then what type of education matters for you to become successful?

Anthony pays forward his own wealth and success with others every year in a very specific, inspiring way; plus, it’s a really cool idea! We think that you will become inspired to do something similar in your own life.

Join Anthony ONeal as he opens the door to a debt free education, lives a life of constant learning, and shares how he pays forward his wealth and wisdom to others.

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