Nikola (NKLA) & The Badger Truck

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Podcast, WealthWise, LLC’s Founder and CEO, Jeff Bishop interviewed Nikola Corporation’s (NASDAQ:NKLA) Founder and Executive Chairman, Trevor Milton. In the interview Bishop and Milton discussed Nikola’s new Badger pickup truck, Nikola’s estimated production run, its battery technology compared to Tesla’s, and Nikola’s (NKLA) IPO. The meeting was hosted by RagingBull’s Elite Chatroom Host, Hitha Herzog, and attended in the chatroom by over 1,400 RagingBull subscribers.

Registration for the Nikola Badger pickup truck opens today, June 29. Milton began, “The interest has been way above what we thought was going to happen. If we’re in the 10s of thousands, we’ve hit it out of the park. If we’re above that – which is what I’m seeing right now – we’re going to blow it out of the water. And if that happens, in my opinion we’ve got an incredibly good five year growth story for our investors. We’re going to announce what the reservation numbers are shortly. The excitement so far is way above what I ever thought it would be.”

Hear what’s in store for Nikola and their new Badger pickup truck.

For the full interview video of Jeff Bishop interviewing NKLA’s Founder, Trevor Milton, see the video interview here.

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