Kyle Dennis: Trading With The King of Catalysts

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Podcast, WealthWise


It’s a lot of money for one month’s work!

That’s exactly how much profit Kyle Dennis made, trading from home, in March, 2020. The month Dow closed out the worst first quarter in history. The worst month in the markets since October 1987.

I caught up with Kyle to hear how he did that, and why this was his best trading month ever.

Plus Kyle answers the question he’s asked the most often, too, “What’s your favorite stock to invest in?”

Listen to my interview with Kyle and learn;

  • What’s the difference between trading and investing?
  • What are the two things Kyle recommends to become a better trader?
  • How Kyle trades the news
  • How to make big gains in small timeframes

Check out my interview with Kyle Dennis!

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