How to Fill Your Glass of Wealth with Cy Wakeman

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Podcast, WealthWise

Cy Wakeman started earning her own money at a very early age. For her, money was synonymous with wants and needs, and the freedom to fulfil those. She learned to rely on herself, not others, to create wealth.

Since then Cy’s given a lot of thought to wealth, and realized that at any moment, anyone can claim a wealthier life. And her realization of wealth has nothing to do with money—which is good because you can apply what she discovered no matter how much money you have or where you are on the journey of wealth in your life.

Cy created a conscious path for anyone to claim wealth—whether that means a more traditional perspective of wealth in terms of money and material wealth or simply the experience of wealth – fulfilment and freedom of any moment. And what she’s built in her life is a reflection of her innermost awareness and conscious decisions to build that in her life.

Cy is a “drama researcher” which is a career she discovered more by accident, but has since quantified it to mean how much drama there is in any workplace. Her work focuses on giving leaders tools to recapture that emotional waste and upcycle it into results.

And in her discussion with us today she reveals practical ways that anyone can look at their own internal workspace and make it a much less dramatic, more purposeful and overall wealthier place.

Cy’s best advice ever is to, “Stop believing everything you think!”

Building wealth doesn’t happen overnight but what Cy reveals today means that anyone can live the experience of wealth while you’re at any stage of building material wealth.

Pretty cool, we think you will agree! There are not many areas of life where you get to live the experience of something while you’re still building that something.

Join us as Cy guides us through how to consciously create a wealthy life… a WealthWise life.

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