How Our Top Traders Target Their Trades

by | Jul 19, 2020

Who can predict the markets? And do they need to?

Fact is that nobody knows what’s going to happen in the markets in the future, even the “experts”. But it doesn’t matter! All we can say with certainty is what happened in the past.

And so rather than try to predict or “know” what the markets will do next, at RagingBull our traders prefer to look for potential trades right now.

Here are links to some of our interviews with traders about how they target trades using their favorite chart patterns and catalyst events:




How I Target Daily Profits:


  • The indicators I use to target daytrades in the S&P 500
  • Which 3 markets I looks at to help him me where the stock market is headed
  • Why day trading the S&P 500 is more predictable than trading individual stocks
  • How I trade the market and can profit no matter whether it’s headed up or down





How Kyle Made Millions Using a Chart Pattern


  • The one chart pattern that’s worked out so well for Kyle
  • The first book on trading he ever read
  • How to trade “risk free”
  • Sideways chart moves and how to profit from them
  • The #1 rule he never forgets to apply every month!




High Octane Options Trading


  • Why Jeff’s scaling into longer term trades at the right price
  • How he uses covered calls as part of his trading strategy
  • How to get “paid by the market” and use protective puts
  • How to be nimble and adapt as a trader
  • The biggest pitfall of trading!




How to Trade This Easy Chart Pattern


  • How Jeff taught himself to trade a little bit each and every day
  • The #1 quality to trade these markets; patience!
  • Why Jeff doesn’t trade first thing each day
  • How to use sideways consolidation to hit better trades
  • The $500 Small Account Challenge; Jeff’s results!



There are LOADS of great trading lessons and ideas at RagingBull’s WealthWise podcast.