How I Profited From The Coronavirus – Jeff Williams

by | Feb 4, 2020 | Podcast, WealthWise

Welcome to the WealthWise podcast. This week on the show we’ve Raging’s small cap and penny stock trading expert and head of the Profit Prism trading service, Jeff Williams. At Jeff is renowned as a master of turning small accounts into bigger accounts.

Jeff shared with me how he traded and profited from the Coronavirus and what’s next in his sights!

Jeff walked me through what he’s trading right now, and where he currently sees opportunities to make money and build wealth in the markets.

Like any good trader Jeff always tries to stay ahead of where the popular news says is a good place to invest; by that time the smart money has already moved on.

He shares with us how he profited from the Coronavirus and where he’s looking to trade next; in an area that fell foul with investors over the last year but that Jeff believes is now ready to pop!

Great traders like Jeff Williams build wealth by looking for the next contrarian trading opportunity that comes even before the rumor. As many market commentators are looking for ways to profit from the Coronavrius, Jeff’s already closed out those trades and is onto the next opportunities to profit.

Join us today as Jeff Williams shares where he’s looking to profit in the markets in the very near future.

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