How I Made Millions With This Chart Pattern!

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Podcast, WealthWise

Well, it’s day #119 in 2020, and by my quick calculations so far this year Kyle Dennis has made around $8,403.36 a day in trading profits. He just passed the $1 million mark in trading profits for 2020, and a total of over $8 million in trading profits since he first started trading.

Kyle shared details of the very first trading chart pattern he learned to recognize when he began trading. And that one chart pattern Kyle describes has made him millions in trading profits!

Kyle shared;

  • The one chart pattern that’s worked out so well for him
  • The first book on trading he ever read
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake most traders make
  • How to trade risk free
  • What sideways chart moves indicate and how to profit from them
  • What he’s learned and adapted to trading in these markets
  • The #1 rule he never forgets to apply every month!
  • Kyle’s wealth wisdom tip

Find out how Kyle got started and how that’s the basis of now over $8 million in total trading profits… much of it from the chart pattern he reveals!

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