How I Found Outer Success From Listening To Inner Insights with Matt Aitchison

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Podcasts, Raging Bull podcast, WealthWise

Matt Aitchison

You’re sitting in a jail cell after a late night drunken brawl. On each side you’re flanked by a couple of “serious” characters who could debeautify your 19 year-old face at any time they wanted to. And you’re facing felony charges.

Pop Quiz: what are you going to do?

We don’t mean to pressure you any more, but remember that any decision you make at this point – even no decision – has an outcome that could revisit you for the rest of your life.

Years later the decision that Matt Aitchison made in that same moment has defined the lasting consequences for him.


Matt’s rock bottom kicked his ass into shape and from the moment that he chose to pick himself up, he continued to make massive changes in his life, inside and out.

Today Matt is successful and wealthy by any definition but what he shared about having money and wealth is underpinned by a deeper set of values about living a life of richness and filled with purpose. “While money is important, it is meaningless if you’re bankrupt in the other areas of your life that lead to happiness and fulfillment,” says Matt.

Matt’s decisions that he made at the end of his teens have continued to impact him and those around him since then.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results,” Einstein is credited as having once said.

Learn as Matt shares how he made changes that redesigned his internal thinking and beliefs, and how these changes began to generate different results for him while grounded within his richer internal dialog and set of renewed beliefs.

The voice in your head may never have felt quite so good before as you hear Matt’s story!