How 7,900 Millionaires Built Their Fortune with Chris Hogan

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Podcasts, Raging Bull podcast, WealthWise


Chris Hogan

Could you simply behave your way to becoming a millionaire? Why not; people do the opposite all the time!

But it took Chris Hogan a while to discover this truism. Because the paradox is that even though he managed millions of dollars for other people, and for all intents enjoyed a very comfortable, millionaire-like lifestyle, he had almost nothing to show for it.

But one day the lightbulb went off, and he awoke to discover that being conscious and purposeful with small amounts of money effectively set him up to gain and keep larger amounts of wealth. This was, he realized, a practical first step to becoming a millionaire! And there’s another cool thing about becoming a millionaire that Chris was able to share.

As part of the research for his book, Everyday Millionaires, Chris and his team interviewed over 10,000 millionaires. One common assumption about millionaires is that they had an easy start in life or have some special quality or genetic makeup that attracts wealth to them. Chris’s book reveals that 79% of the millionaires they interviewed did not inherit one dime. Nada. Zilch. They started from the bottom-up and built their own wealth. No head start, no special DNA, no silver spoon. But there are tips and tricks, some of which are so obvious you’d look right past ’em!

Chris shares his personal discoveries and the powerful insights from the interviews he conducted with 10,000 millionaires about making, keeping, and building wealth. The hard fact is that making money is only part of the equation of becoming a millionaire because for Chris, even something as small as how you buy your groceries can begin to pave the way to becoming a millionaire.

Chris is an engaging, insightful speaker and shares many practical experiences & personal tips that he mastered along the way to becoming wealthy. Once you listen to Chris, you may agree that it could just come down to a little common cents!