High Octane Options Trading with Jeff Bishop!

by | Jun 3, 2020

Stupid. Just stupid!”

That’s what Jeff Bishop has to say about these markets.

At the moment it must be brutal being a short seller and fighting the current trend.

No matter what Jeff’s economics and market data say the markets should be doing, the trend is doing something else.

“So why fight it?” he adds.

Because as we say, the trend is your friend

 If you stick with the trend and worry less about market levels and whether they “should” be there, you’ll be a happier trader.

Markets almost always go up, even after sharp dips like in March this year. 

That’s why in the latest episode of WealthWise, Jeff shared:

  • Why he’s scaling into longer term positions and getting the right price
  • How he uses covered calls as part of his trading strategy and why selling call options on stocks he already own is such a savvy, no brainer technique
  • How to get “paid by the market” and use protective puts as a relatively low risk strategy…. Using it to “pick the price you want to own a stock at” 
  • How to be nimble and adapt as a trader

Jeff also shares what he considers the biggest pitfall of trading…

And what scanner Jeff uses to find new potential trades!

Jeff’s using his money to continue to make money… even while waiting for stocks to enter his buy zone!

Find out how Jeff Bishop’s doing it.