Dr. Jim Dahle – How to Get Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Podcast, WealthWise

Dr. Jim Dahle is a practicing board-certified emergency physician 12 years out of residency. Every day he saves lives and improves health, and every day he builds wealth and shows others how to do it.

Like many highly skilled professionals, Jim graduated university and immediately entered a high income job but pretty soon realized that a high income job does not automatically equal wealth. And yet, most highly skilled professionals are not also skilled in personal finance.

The fact spurred Jim on to dive into the field of personal finance and investing, when he, as he put it, “…finally got sick of financial professionals ripping me off.”

If you focus on earning money you could build a large income. But then you could be lured into thinking that finding ways to portray that fact could end up costing you a lot. You could end up in the trap of living a lifestyle that conveys how much money you have rather than living a life that fulfills you, and allows you to build strong financial wealth even while you convey a modest lifestyle (hey; it works well for Warren Buffett!)

Jim shares what he has learned that has allowed him to build a wealthy and healthy life, along with a framework of education and practical resources so that anyone could enjoy the same in their lives.

Join Dr. Jim Dahle, and start to heal your financial well being!

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