Trading? Discuss THIS With Your Spouse!

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Trading? Discuss THIS With Your Spouse!

by | May 31, 2020 | RagingBull Podcast

Do you what the #1 thing most couples disagree about?

Now I don’t mean things like asking for directions (“I’m not lost!”) or how to stack the dishwasher.

The #1 thing that causes disagreements for most couples is money.

So it’s good that our Elite chatroom’s host Hitha Herzog brought “your financial therapist” Erika Wasserman in for a chat. Erika gave some priceless tips on how to talk to your spouse or significant other about money, more specifically  your trading.

It’s always fun to share stories of your wins and your gains. Hive 5 to profits… YAY!

But what happens when your spouse sees your losses as just an expensive hobby?

Erika discusses how to open up the dialog, effective ways of communicating daily gains and losses and managing emotions after good and bad days.

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