David Hauser – On Becoming an Entrepreneur, and How to Move Your Dreams Forward

by | Dec 31, 2019 | Podcast, Raging Bull podcast, WealthWise

How do you become an entrepreneur? Is it in your blood… just “something you are born with”, and you “just have it”?

Or is it something that you can learn, apply and become an entrepreneur as a formal career?

David Hauser is a serial entrepreneur. He’s founded multiple companies including Grasshopper, Chargify, Intercom, Unbounce, Munchery, Groove and others. He has also been featured in various business publications including The Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and others.

His recently published book about breakthroughs in your life, Unstoppable, dives into how to optimize yourself and carry that forward into many areas in your life. He is jam-packed full of wisdom in regards to wealth in all of its forms from his deep experience as a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and angel investor.

David shares how his education fostered entrepreneurship and independence, and what he believes that is also something that children today are missing out on.

Learn how David views wealth as he shares with us some of the business lessons about optimizing performance and how they applied to his success by applying the same principles to his personal life, fostered on his belief that everything can be improved by analyzing and improving all the different facets of his life.

David shares a powerful pearl of wisdom that can help anyone to further their dreams in life, no matter how big they are!

Glean from David Hauser—one highly successful entrepreneur!

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