Calling the Bottom; Are We Nearly There Yet?

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Podcast, WealthWise

As a moderator in’s trading chat room for six years, James Morse has seen and traded almost every type of market and heard of every type of trade in the room. Until now. 

James and I caught up this week and he shared how he’s still able to lock in profits even in these markets. He’s managed to adapt his preferred trading style of selling options and options spreads with defined risk to these markets.

James shared the value of knowing how to use Theta in his options trades. Theta measures the rate at which options lose their value as they get closer to expiry time. Currently, options trades can lose their value very quickly due to increased volatility and James shared how he’s playing trades, often the same day, and staying cash overnight to account for this increased volatility in trades.

Does James think we’ve hit the real bottom yet? James shared;

  • What signs is James looking for to indicate we’ve seen a bottom?
  • What wisdom does James have to share about how to trade these markets?
  • If you’ve time on your hands, what is good to learn about how to trade?
  • How James started trading and how that is a perfect way to trade these markets
  • The biggest fear of trading these markets right now
  • How to test any trading strategy with no risk!

Join me as James and we share some essential trading tips that could save your ass-ets in these markets!

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