Are These Trades Immune From Coronavirus?

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Podcast, WealthWise

This week on the show we’ve Ben Sturgill, and WealthWise Editor, David Cross, will be interviewing him about how he is trading these markets, some of the opportunities he is seeing, and ways to play it safe.

Plus in this episode, David and Ben share more about;

  • The “barometer of market emotions”. How to read it and how to use it in trading.
  • Why Ben’s been killing it in his daily trades over the past couple of weeks!
  • Which big IPO seems doomed by the Coronavirus?
  • Which IPO could still be a safe bet this year.
  • Biotech scares and answers to the scare factor
    Longer term trades that Ben’s just been waiting to drop in value and how this sets up new opportunities for him.

Join David and Ben, and learn why Ben loves trading in these markets!

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